3 of a Kind progress 2

Awwww snap…look at those stones!

3 of a Kind2

A little Amos Lee on the Bluetooth speaker, wife’s at party getting her shopping on and the kids out of the house. Just me, a glass of wine, a paint brush and the puppers supervising my creative expression! The perfect setting to get lost in my thoughts.


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3 of a Kind progress

I’m new to this whole blogging thing. Honestly not sure I know what I’m doing. So I suppose I’ll just share my thoughts on art, progress on the pieces I’m working on, life, love and The Puppers (Max & Harley). I’ll start with a little on the art and then intros to get this party started! I had the opportunity to display my art at Uncorked last weekend. I was able to put the finishing touches on “Blue Butterflies” (I’ll upload a picture to the gallery soon) and get started on 3 of a Kind. I’ve make some good progress on the piece over the last few days.

3 of a Kind1

I’m working back to front, shading the rocks, adding texture as I go. I’ll have all of the rocks 95% complete before I put the finishing touches on the stones and move on to the Butterflies. Maybe I’ll make one of the stones a “Love Rock”? Ewww, that’s a good idea! We’ll see…

This is the “Love” I’ll be referring to from time to time…


My clan! I’m often asked where I get the inspiration for the art work I create? She’s the short one in the picture. My compass, my inspiration, my oak and I’m lucky to say, my wife. More on her and our crazy kids later.

These are our adopted children…

puppers (2)

Harley on the left, Max on the right. Or Harley is skinny and Max is fat. It’s ok, Max knows he’s fat. He planned it that way.

Not a bad start for not having a clue how to blog huh?


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